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Studio's Youth Theatre Program 
Winter 2022 Session

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Our musical theater classes are designed to teach the individual student all aspects of the stage. We encourage children of all ages and of various levels of experience to participate in our classes. The students do not only prepare themselves for individual performance, but learn to work as a team to achieve their ultimate goal of a successful show. All of our shows are performed as full productions with costumes, sets, and lights, creating a memorable and enjoyable evening for both the students and the audience.

Classes are divided into multiple sections, each focusing on a different necessary aspect of live theatre. Students first learn audition techniques to help them land the role they desire in the show. Students are critiqued on mock auditions by both staff and peers. This process allows them to feel comfortable performing in front a crowd and encourages them to grow as an individual and achieve greater confidence. Next students rehearse songs, both individual and group, with a professional musical director and accompanist. Scene study and character development follows with the show's director. Next a choreographer stages musical numbers and trains students in basic aspects of theatrical dance catering to the genre of the show. Finally the director brings the whole show together, incorporating the individual pieces of stagecraft the students have learned. At this stage a designer comes in and measures the children for custom costume pieces, which are provided at no additional charge.

These professionals collaborate to bring the show to life and make your children feel like stars. We do not like to think of our program as simply “putting on a show," but an experience that encompasses every element of live musical theater. We strive to enrich the mind of each child and develop their talents, encouraging children to achieve their dreams while performing on our stage.